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Wallpaper (or desktop/background picture) syncing between multiple computers running Windows PC, Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod).

Also planned is a version for Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Chrome OS.

It's your wallpaper collection in the cloud!

Still beta?

Yes, we are currently still in beta testing, for the Windows and web versions. Check our news page for more info.


Check out our press page (not much for now).

About Skyriser Media

Who are we?

Skyriser Media is an independent video game and web development studio based in Montreal, Canada.

We are dedicated to creating fun and simple web and iPhone/iPod/iPad video games, applications and web sites.

Founded in 2004, the team is still small, but were are growing. We hire third party artists and musicians, based on the needs of the current projects.

What we do?

Our mission is to create fun simple web video games and web sites.
We are also at your disposal for custom games, for a variety of platforms, web sites and blogs.

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